Shawfix is a friendly independent garage which strives for excellence in customer service and value for money. We can provide courtesy cars to keep you up and running and are conveniently located in the village of Dibden Purlieu, where our expert staff can carry out a wide range of garage services.

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You can have your MOT Test 4 weeks before the due date and still retain the anniversary date.



We MOT test all types of car, and smaller vans & campers with our VOSA authorised Class IV test bay


Retest for free - if repairs are done within 10 days

Book your MOT test with ShawFix Autos in Dibden Purlieu today!


The MOT test is a vital safety check and a legal requirement for your car to be on the road.


The test can be carried out up to 4 weeks prior to expiry while still retaining the anniversary date.


A retest is available at no extra cost should any repairs be needed and carried out within 10 days at the premises.


To book your MOT at ShawFix Auto in Dibden Purlieu, please just give us a call on 0230 8084 5050 or drop us an email


Our test bay is authorised by VOSA for Class IV tests - this covers all cars, smaller vans and campervans, up to a weight of 3 tonnes. The maximum wheel base is 3.35m.




What is included in an MOT Test


The MOT looks at many important items on your car to see that they meet key legal requirements at the time of the test.


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Maintaining your car in tip top condition will help ensure smooth running, better efficiency and protect the value.



We service all makes of car - to manufacturer's schedule using either original or aftermarket parts


Maintain the Warranty - protect value with annual servicing

Maintaining your car in tip top condition will ensure the smooth and efficient running of your car.


We carry out servicing on all makes of car to the manufacturer's specification schedule.

Original parts are available as well as aftermarket parts, often at better value.


Annual servicing or more frequent for higher use will maintain a manufacturers warranty and help maintain the value of your car.


To book your car or van service at ShawFix Auto in Dibden Purlieu, please just give us a call on 0230 8084 5050 or drop us an email.




We carry out a methodical approach to vehicle repairs - assessing and diagnosing to get to a cost effective solution



Vehicle Repairs - cost effective solutions & fixes in our fully equipped workshops


Wide range - from clutches, exhausts, brakes, timing belts to full engine replacement

Should any repairs be needed to your car we carry out a methodical approach to assessing and diagnosing the problem so it can be fixed cost effectively.


Prior to commencing with any repairs we will provide a cost, including VAT, for the work and keep you up to date if anything changes.


We can supply and fit original equipment parts or equal specification parts, often at a reduced cost.


With our fully equipped workshop we can carry out a wide range of repairs, including clutch repairs, engine replacement, exhausts, braking systems and timing belt changes.


Please get in touch to discuss any repairs that are needed - call 023 8084 5050.



We are an authorised fitting partner for, so buy your tyres online, deliver them to us and we’ll fit them.



Tyre Fitting - most wheel sizes. Fitting and balancing is included. Our machine protects alloy wheels


Tyre Repairs - we also carry out puncture repairs - often saving the cost of a new tyre

They are the only thing holding you to the road so if your tyres are worn, give us a call for a price to supply and fit new tyres.


Our tyre fitting machine can accommodate most wheel sizes and protects alloy wheels to keep them in mint condition.


Our service included fitting and balancing. We can also carry out puncture repairs, often saving the cost of a new tyre.


Please just get in touch to discuss anything to do with tyres - call 023 8084 5050.


Uneven tyre wear or the car pulling to one side are signs that your tracking needs checking.



Wheel Alignment & Tracking - our laser wheel alignment rig measures tracking so that steering can be set up correctly


Steering - adjustments to your geometry may be needed

Our laser wheel alignment rig by Supertracker can measure the tracking on your car so that the steering is set up correctly.


Uneven tyre wear or the car pulling to one side are both signs that the tracking needs checking.


Should the measurements be out of specification we can make the necessary adjustments to the steering geometry.


Please get in touch to arrange to have your wheel alignment and tracking checked and corrected if necessary - call 023 8084 5050.


If you have had a scrap or bump, we can restore the damaged area back to its original shine.



Back to Original Shine - bumpers, doors, wings, bonnets repair and repaint - exact colour match


SMART - small and medium repair techniques - bring your car to our workshops

Had a scrape or a bump? We can restore the damaged area back to its original shine in our SMART (Small and Medium Area Repair Techniques) repairs area.


Using a range of techniques, we can repair bumpers, doors, wings and bonnets and repaint with an exact colour match so that you can forget all about any incidents.


Bring the vehicle along to the garage and we can provide a fixed price quote to repair your car or van.


Please call 023 8084 5050 if you need help or advice with bodywork repairs.


Vehicle electronic systems provide our technicians with valuable information about the running of your car



Electronic Systems - we have the latest diagnostic systems allowing communication with the vehicle onboard computer


Checks - we can check components and systems

The electronic systems in cars have evolved to highly sophisticated computing devices and provide our technicians with a wealth of valuable information about the running of the car.


We have the latest diagnostics systems to communicate with the onboard computer in a car to carry out component and system checks .


If you would like us to run diagnostic tests on your car’s electronic systems or need a car or van service, please call 023 8084 5050.

Air Conditioning

We can carry out routine re-gassing of car air-con systems. If the air isn't blowing cold from your cabin vents, we can keep you cool.



Service - we can re-gas both R134a and R1234 systems, covering older and

modern cars including electric and hybrid


Diagnose and repair - We can also diagnose faults and carry out system repairs.

We have the facilities and expertise to carry out a wide range of fault finding and repairs to car air-conditioing systems.


In normal use, the air conditioning system gradually looses refrigerant gas as the joints between pipework and components expand and contract. The rubber seals are lubricated with oil so it is essential that the air-con is turned on periodically to make sure the oil moves around and stops the joints drying out. Typically a car might need re-gassing every 3 or so years.


During the process we remove and measure how much refrigerant gas was in the system so that we can assess if there is simply a reduced amount of gas preventing the system from activating, or a leak. We then use a pressurised nitrogen check to hunt for any leaks, and this is where our experience is key as the leaks can be very small.


Like your fridge at home, the system has a condenser unit, however this has to sit in front of the coolant radiator to achieve the best temperature exchange and is susceptible to damage from stone chips and general corrosion. We trace leaks to even the smallest hole and can replace this or other faulty components.


We have equipment for the more traditional R134a gas and the new R1234 that has less global warming potential, although is more costly. We also use the correct lubricant "PAG" oil that is compatible with normal belt driven and electric compressor pumps found on hybrid and electric cars


When re-gassing, we also add a UV dye that will allow faster diagnosis of any future problems that may occur. Our staff have the right qualifications for using the equipment and refrigerant handling.


Customers sometimes request an air-con service that includes de-odorising. We have previously used an aerosol that can be deployed, however a much more effective way to de-odorise is using an ozone treatment. We have just purchased an ozone treatment machine that as well as removing odours, is also claimed to kill bacteria and virus'. If your car has a funny smell or you would us to carry out the ozone treatment, please let us know.


To book your service, repair, bodywork or MOT at ShawFix Autos in Dibden Purlieu, please just give us a call on 0230 8084 5050 drop us an email or use the book online link above.

Courtesy Cars

We like to make things easy for you - so our courtesy car service is free.



Making it Easy - we have courtesy cars available while your car is with us


Free of Charge - we do not charge extra for our courtesy cars.

Life can be hectic enough at the best of times so we have courtesy cars available while your car is with us.


We do not charge extra for courtesy cars, but please do book in advance if possible to guarantee availability.


To book your service, repair, bodywork or MOT at ShawFix Autos in Dibden Purlieu, please just give us a call on 0230 8084 5050 or drop us an email.

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Whinfield Road
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